In an effort to keep our mountains blue, we have purchased our fair share of Igloo coolers in our day. Most of them have ended up getting left in a muddy parking lot after a tailgate or have withered away out on our deck in the blistering sun. For our next purchase, we’re looking at […]

Celebrate Log Cabin Day

The tallest log cabin was built by a Russian gangster, Nikolai Sutyagin. It’s located in Arkhangelsk in northwest Russia. This monstrosity is 13 floors high and a fireman’s worst nightmare. The neighbors are so scared of this pile of wood called an abode that it might just one day take the whole neighborhood down with it if it ever catches fire. If it does it will be the biggest campfire for miles. You would figure Nikolai would try to attract less attention to himself considering his background. Just out of jail, Nikolai gives tours of his rotting cracking house to the adventurous who want to see the home. Better have good insurance when inside. Source:

Just Let It Go Today

Stupid Guy Thing Day

Go Skateboarding

I Need This

Ice Cream Lock Lock your ice cream with this Ben & Jerry’s pint lock if you don’t want anyone stealing it. May also come in handy if you’re on a diet. Uses a three number dial system to go around the lid so you can safeguard your precious pint of gold. $6.64 via Ben&Jerrys

Appreciate the Daylight

Garfield the Cat Day


How To Roll The Perfect Burrito

Go Big A 12-inch tortilla lets you stuff your burrito with ingredients yet still provides enough room to wrap it tightly. (Or try a whole-wheat wrap for more fiber and a nutty flavor.) Heat Your Tortilla Don’t warm tortillas in the microwave—they’ll turn soggy. Instead, heat them in a dry skillet or nonstick pan on medium high until puffed and pliable, 30 to 45 seconds a side. Set a Foundation Line the burrito with rice first, to soak up the other ingredients’ juices. Leaving 3 inches around the perimeter, layer your rice, beans, and protein in a line. Apply the Finishing Touches Add sour cream, salsa, or guacamole in a line beside (not atop) the lines of ingredients. Add loose ingredients (lettuce, cilantro, sliced jalapenos, shredded cheese) last so they can adhere to the sour cream and guac. Secure the Burrito With the line of layered ingredients oriented top to bottom, fold the tortilla’s left side just over the ingredients. Then fold the bottom up about an inch. Finally, finish rolling the burrito tightly from left to right. The top remains open. Now chow down on your creation, stain-free. (Source: re-Source: Nate Appleman, culinary manager at Chipotle)

The Banana Split Was Invented In 1904